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I have a male mini pot belly and ha was drinking about 4-5 fresh bowls of water a day some days more but no less! So my question is the lsat couple days he has only had a couple of sips of his water also he isnt peeing as often either? I just don't want anything bad to happen to him. He is about 3 1/2 months old?

When pigs drink less water, they pee less often and the pee is more concentrated. Male pigs have long, narrow, twisty urethrae, easily blocked by urine crystals. Drinking a lot of water keeps the urine dilute and discourages crystal formation.

Look for clues to what might have caused this change. Was he playing in his water before, blowing bubbles, etc? Perhaps he was actually spilling more than drinking. Does he have a new water bowl? Did the water itself change? Either one could introduce a new taste or smell that he doesn't like.

Has the weather changed? Pigs drink a lot more water when they feel warm or hot. In cold climates, sometimes it's a challenge to get outdoor pigs to drink enough water. If the temperatures are cooler he may not be as thirsty.

Has his diet changed? A splurge on juicy foods could lead him to be less thirsty for a while.

If his fresh poops come out looking like they've been sitting out in the sun for a week, it means he is dehydrated and needs to drink more. If they come out moist, he's ok. Straining to pee or peeing frequently (like every 10 minutes, piglets need to pee at least once every hour or two) are two other danger signs.  

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