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Hello, I have two mini pigs Simon and Ziggy. Simon is about 25 lbs and Ziggy is about 15lbs.  They live in a shed outside that is heated, it is 8 x 8. They have hay to keep them warm also.  It it maintained at a temp of about 65 degrees.  With us being in the heart of winter (Wisconsin), we go out there twice a day to bring water and food, however, they seem depressed. Can they go outside in their pen (they do have a doggie door) but we have kept it closed to keep the cool air out. I don't know what to do, i'm confused but feel bad for them being locked up all winter. Simon is beginning to lose his hair, and appears to be dehyrdrated. Please help.

Pigs do not like very cold temperatures. But, they can, and probably should, go out at least once a day, even if it's just for a minute.

Water is just as important in winter as it is in summer. Mixing their pellets with warm water provides another source of moisture, and makes their bellies feel full and warm. Try putting a little bit of juice in their water, or offering water that's a bit warmer.

A rubber floor mat screwed or nailed over the door opening will keep cold drafts out. For double protection you can put a mat on both sides of the door.

I am not a veterinarian and can not make a medical diagnosis over the internet. Pigs sometimes blow their coats at odd times. Other times hair loss is a signal there is a deeper problem like parasites or illness.

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