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My pot belly, Richard, is 5 months old and we got him when he was 4 months. He was raised in a barn and had very little human contact. He wasn't neutered when we bought him but we got that taken care of about 2 weeks ago. Richards behavior is not at all what we expected but we don't want to give up on him. He is very unresponsive to touch and when we want to touch him, he runs away. He isn't scared of us because he does approach us. But when we want to hold him or pet him, he screams. And when I say scream, he screams! We have done a lot of reading and have tried everything to get him to be more responsive (teaching tricks (which he knows how to spin and stand), work for his food, don't let him sleep in the bed, walks on the leash just fine, proclaimed ourselves the dominant one, etc). But despite all of that, he seems to be very unhappy unless he is being fed. At night when he is sleepy, he cuddles but still complains if we even touch him. What can we do to get him to love us like we love him??

Each pig has a unique personality. Some are cuddle bugs, some not so much. Your pig is still pretty young, so he could still learn to enjoy cuddling.

Sit down on the floor with him in a small area, with treats in your hand. Speak softly to him, let him come to you to get the treats. Tell him what you're going to do before you do it, like "Touch piggy belly", then touch his belly gently.

When he's sleepy and wants to snuggle, try gently tickling his belly. Tell him you're going to to it first. Go slow, keep trying. At first he'll probably grumble, then when he realizes that belly rubs actually feel pretty good, he'll relax.

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