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I brought Hamlet (3 month old) home about a month ago and it's been a roller coaster ride, but we are doing great now. He still likes to test the waters, but for the most part he's been really good, for a baby anyways. I've been trying to teach him to sit, but he either jumps and tries to snap the food out of my fingers or just wont back up into the corner to get him to sit. Any suggestions? Also, I've been reading about how it's not very good to make him the only pig, that it isn't fair to him, but I really don't have the time or money to be taking care of two. Will he be okay as an only pig? I work during the day about 4 days a week, but when I'm home he is out and we play or do tricks, or I let him run around while I'm doing other things. I'll be moving into a bigger place soon (1 week) with a big back yard so I was thinking of keeping him out there during the day. Will he get lonely? I just want to do what is best for Hamlet. Also, I do have a cat indoors, she is okay with him, but he is so rambunctious that she doesn't show too much interest, could they possibly bond? Thanks, and I hope to hear back.

I do have the P.V. training book, but it would be nice to get some one on one advice

A pig's skeleton is different from a dog or cat, and pigs are not as bendy. For some pigs, the sit position is a little uncomfortable, so they are naturally reluctant.

Get piggy into the corner before trying to get him to sit. In other words, start so close to the walls that piggy can't really step back. Because if it's more comfortable for piggy to step back than sit, piggy will step back.

Weather is going to play a big factor in how well piggy can handle outdoors during the day and indoors at night. In milder or warm climates this will work fine, as long as piggy has plenty of shade and water during the day. In cold climates in winter, this might not work. Pigs can adapt to living in a chilly environment, but they need to adapt slowly. Wild temperature swings, from freezing or colder outside all day to comfortable room temperatures of 70 or so are too much.

An unheated porch or garage makes a nice space to build a warm straw house in most climates. A doggie door gives piggy the freedom to go out in the weather or snuggle inside in the straw.

Healthy piglets are full of energy, but adult pigs tend to be lazy. When your pig reaches adulthood and calms down, the cat and pig will spend more time together.

A single pig can be Ok in the right environment. A single pig may show signs of aggression when they are about age 2 or so, but not always. Pigs kept outside 24/7 should not be kept alone, these piggies need piggy companionship. As long as piggy has plenty of time with you, piggy will be Ok. Pigs do not think in terms of "quality time", they'd rather have quantity time at any "quality". Having just one piglet at a time allows you to devote your full attention to piggy.

You might enjoy the PigInfoAndChat list on Yahoo Groups. It was established by Priscilla Valentine, and is devoted to pigs and pig lovers, and they enjoy taking about pigs.

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