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Hi, I have had my teacup for about a month now. I know that pigs naturally have dry skin and thus scratch themselves a lot. However recently I have noticed that my pig gets this " shivers"  and then immediatly runs towards something she can scratch herself with. It cannot be mange as she has had all her shots. Also I cant see anything on her skin such as fleas ( but I have applied flea powder in case but the " shivers" are still present ). Please help ' thanks.

Adult pigs usually don't get fleas because their skin is so thick, but young piglets can catch fleas. Signs of mange include orange stains behind the elbows and in between the legs.

It takes at least two doses of medicine to clear up mange. The first dose kills any living mites, the second kills any mites that hatched after the first dose. When the mites under the skin die it's uncomfortable for the pig. In mild cases, a pig may seem more itchy after the first dose, in severe cases the skin may crack and peel.

The next time you notice this happening, try to get a good look at the itchy spot. You can apply any soothing lotion made for people on your pig. It will ease itching and dryness.  

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