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We got our wk old Juliana pig last night. Well his urine smell is overwhelming! Even if I wash a blanket, the smell won't come out. I bathed Duke as soon as we got home because he stunk and had been outside. He's eating and drinking ok, acting normal but his pee smell is horrible. Even though he pees outside its still extremely strong. The color is light yellow and he pees a good bit every few hours. I want him inside but this smell is so strong it makes my husband sick. Please help! Also they said he's a Juliana but he's solid black but mama was spotted. All babies were black or white.

Unless they have a pedigree and papers proving he is a Juliana he is probably a Normal Pot bellied pig.
If he is a week old he should still be with his mother and siblings for 4 to 5 more weeks.
Please send me pictures.
Hi urine smells because all males have a bad smell until they are neutered.
The sellers should have explained this to you.
My advice is to take him back until he is old enough to b weaned.
he needs the interaction with his mother and other siblings to mature properly and not to have behavioral issues as an adult.
Hope this helps,

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