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I have bought a 3 week old piglet about 3 days ago.  I was told by the breeder that it would be perfectly fine to bring him home as long as I fed him a milk replacer out of a pan.  It took me a day and a half to figure out how to get him to eat anything.  I finally figured out that he would eat if I fed him through a syringe.  He does fine with eating now but I have been with him constantly for the past three days except when he is in his cage at night.  I have only noticed him having a bowel movement once and urinating twice.  I am not saying he has not done it while I have had my eye off of him but I read they go like ever hour or so...shouldn't I have been able to notice him going a lot more?  What can I do to ensure that everything is ok in that department?  Also with me spending so much time with him (since he was new, scared, and I was on Christmas break from work) he has become VERY spoiled and attached.  He wants to be with me all the time and mainly on my lap being held.  If I put him in his crate ( a dog crate with blankets) or the playpen (with blankets) he throws a horrible tantrum.  Whats the best way to stop his tantrums since he is so little I cant use treats?

Pigs wean their piglets at 8 weeks, so your baby is very young to be away from Momma. Now, you are Momma, and naturally he feels the need to be near you at all times. A baby piglet in the wild separated from Momma will be a predators dinner in short order, so it's unnatural for him to be away from his pig Momma and from you.

It might be difficult, but it's better for a three week old to eat from a pan than a syringe or bottle. Pneumonia is common in syringe and bottle fed babies. Get starter pellets and mix a few in with each meal. Gradually add more and more pellets until the mixture resembles cream of wheat. At that point you can begin reducing the amount of liquid until piggy is eating dry pellets, or gradually switch the liquid from milk to water.

Little babies need to pee often, but they only pee a tiny bit most of the time. If he really is only peeing twice a day, then something is wrong. One or two bowel movements a day is normal.

I highly recommend the book Pot-Bellied Pig Behavior and Training by Priscilla Valentine. The dvd There's a Pig in the House from is also excellent. On Yahoo Groups, the PigInfoAndChat group has many pig lovers willing to help other pig lovers with suggestions and ideas.

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