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I have a 9 month old mini pot belly pig. When he was taken to be neutered the first time, only one of his testicles had descended. The vet removed it and I took him back several months later for surgery to remove the other one. I thought after they both were removed he would loose his odor, but he has not. He secretes this odor when playing or on my dog whenever the dog is laying down. He sometimes pees on the dog as well. It isn't just an occasional thing, he does it every day, sometimes multiple times a day.  Is there a possibility he has a third testicle or could there be some other cause of it? It is smelling up the entire house! Thank you for your help.

I personally do not know of any instances where a pot-bellied pig had three testicles. I assume your vet looked to make sure he was removing everything.

The odor is coming from the preputial diverticulum. When pigs are neutered as young piglets, this gland never gets a chance to grow and the odor is gone in about 30 days. But, your pig was older at neutering due to the problematic testicle. So his pd did have a chance to grow. It will shrink, but slowly. The gland can not shrink as long as he has boar hormones in his system, and it will take about 6 weeks for them to fully leave. After that, the gland will begin to shrink and the odor will slowly disappear. Washing his belly and emptying the pouch daily will help speed the process.

If he's still actively humping or still acting and smelling like a boar 90 days after neutering, then something else is wrong.  

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