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i keep 3 pot bellies as pets, and occasionally i breed. im actually starting to put small rescue together here. my question is, where is the best place to obtain necessary vaccines and medications i need for my guys? there are no vets anywhere around me familiar or comfortable with mini pigs, and i want to have everything i need on hand. my main goal is to make all my guys as healthy, comfortable, and happy as possible. im totally in love with them, best pets you can have!i have volumes on theyre proper care, i just need some help to complete my medicine chest, etc. thanks for any help you can provide, jeff

A prescription is needed to buy prescription medication. The Federal government sets the rules on prescription medicine, and the penalties for violating those rules are strict.

Non-prescription medicine, vitamins, and supplements are available from most feed mills or livestock supply houses. Two excellent suppliers are Valley Vet Supply valleyvet.com and Jeffers jefferspet.com  Healthy pigs healthypigs.com carries supplements.

There's a list of vets that see pet pigs at www.farec.org  If you can find a vet near you who is willing to learn, farec has a list of vets that will work directly with your vet. Contact farec for information, and include the contact info for your vet.

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