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I have two mini pot bellied pigs almost 6 months old.  I have a female and a male and they are both fixed. I have been keeping them inside since I bought them but I am thinking about putting them outside so they can have all the free time they need.  I want to wait until it gets a little warmer to put them outside but I am worried about them next winter.  I am going to build them a nice house (big enough for a adult to get in if needed) and I plan to have a sheltered area and also put plastic or screen around the fence so that the wind is blocked for the winter.  How will they adjust going from inside to outside?  Will they be ok in the winter?  Also, my male pig (who is neutered) has started having accidents 3-4 times a day in random places.  The litter box is on laminate flooring and I don't have anything underneath the box so I don't know if it because he slips getting in/out the litter box or if he is just doing it because he is mad.  Sometimes, the mistake is right beside the litter box and it ends up going under the litter box and all that.  I have become so irritated with this because I spend the majority of my time at home cleaning up pee. HELP PLEASE with both of these problems!!

Pigs can adapt to living outdoors in most climates. They will need time to adjust, so it's best to move them outdoors in spring or late summer.

The key words for shelter are DRY and WINDPROOF. As long as outdoor temps don't dip below freezing for weeks on end, pigs do Ok. Ideally, the floor should be a bit above ground so it doesn't suck moisture up from below. Any shelter can be made more windproof by surrounding it with bales of straw covered with a tarp.

Pigs rarely go potty somewhere because they are upset. Male pigs need a slip proof surface, and they need to be able to spread their legs apart. It also should be big enough for him to turn around completely. The fact that he is pottying next to the box probably means he finds something about the box to be uncomfortable.  

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