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Pot Bellied Pigs/neutering 2 1/2 yr old male PBP


I recently rescued a stud pig and have NO experience with PBPs.  He's super sweet and has come around to even let me rub his belly.  He is a retired stud and so has not been fixed.  What are the possible complications in having this done at such a late stage?  Also, I have read that they will need their hooves and tusks should be trimmed from time to time.  One more thing, what are some good toys to keep him entertained while I'm at work?

If the surgery is done by an experienced vet and piggy does not have any unforeseen complications (like a retained testicle), it should be fairly routine. It will take about 30 days for the active sperm and excessive testosterone to leave his system. He will calm down considerably, and may put on weight.

His tusks will continue to grow, but the growth rate will slow over time. Most pot-bellied pigs need their hooves trimmed from time to time. How often depends on how fast the hooves grow and what the pig walks on. There is hoof trimming info at and

Intact male pigs hump constantly, so for now, anything that can be humped is a good toy. Many intact male pigs like plastic buckets, or huge rubber balls. Other good toys are "busy balls", basically, any container like a ball or empty soda bottle that the pig can roll around. The ball or bottle is covered with holes, and filled with food or cereal that falls out the holes as the ball is rolled.  

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