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how old does my pig need to be to see a ferrier

Most pigs will need their hooves trimmed from time to time. This is something that most pig owners can do for themselves. Most farriers are not trained to trim pigs. Many will not attempt to trim a pig if the pig is not comfortable with the process.

The best thing to do is teach piggy to tolerate hoof trimming. Start by just playing with piggy's feet with your hands. Then, gradually, try using an emery board, nail file, or wood file on piggy's feet. Every night, handle each hoof and file a little bit. For some pigs a nightly nail manicure may be all that's needed.

Most veterinarians prefer to put a pig under to trim hooves, because pigs can scream and struggle. It's possible to simply restrain the pig and snip the hooves.

There's info on hoof trimming and links to hoof trimming videos at www.farec.org under education:pigs and www.pigs4ever.com  

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