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Okay. This is kind of weird. But roughly my female potbellied pig is 4-6 months. Well, I looked on the internet about her swollen vagina. And it said she could be I'm heat and the sweeping will go Down in about a week. Well its been almost a month and her hooha is still HUGE
I don't want to nueter her cause I'm hoping to have some little baby piglets running around in 4+ years
Is there something wrong? I don't understand I'm really worried about her
And how pong do they teeth? She's been chewing jewels off my really expensive pants. And she chews up paper and the inside of shoes and jewels off of shoes. I try to give her ice cubes that she can chew on or suck on. I usually just drop two or three on the kitchen floor and it keeps her busy. She squeals at all hours of the night. Soon as she hears someone in the kitchen she screams bloody Mary! We've even gotten complaints from neighbors, she's soooo loud. She's fully litter boxed trained
I know she has no accidents cause I'm constantly cleaning her litter box. About two times a day. I use kitty litter but she gets it stuck to her feet and tracks it all over the house
In the middle of the night she will go use her litter box then come jump in my bed then.I have to change the sheets and clean everything. What's a better alternative? I can't use paper, shell eat it
And I don't want to use stardust because that she might eat. Also. She jumps on.the couch and tried to eat of your plate with you and expect you to share. How do I teach her, my boundaries and her boundaries.

I am not a veterinarian and can not make a medical diagnosis over the internet. The swelling may be due to a uterine or urinary tract infection. A veterinarian can determine the problem and prescribe the appropriate medication.

Pigs have three sets of teeth in their lives. They are born with the first set. The last of the adult molars erupt at about age 2-1/2. So she will teeth until she's almost three. Give her toys she can chew on and play with. Many piglets enjoy playing with infant toys made for human babies, and they can be found cheaply at garage sales and thrift stores. Pigs also enjoy shredding magazines and phone books.

Eating litter is a common problem with indoor pigs. Many pigs try to eat kitty litter. Yours tries to eat newspaper. Some alternatives are pine shavings (which can also get tracked everywhere), absorbent pellets (used in horse stalls), or no litter at all, just old towels, puppy pee pads, or a washable non-stick rubber mat at the bottom of the box, so piggy doesn't slip and fall. Poops can be picked up with a paper towel and flushed down the toilet. Used towels can be washed, pee pads can be tossed.

Piggy has learned some bad habits. It will be hard to teach her new ones, and she will complain a lot at first, but it can be done. Since she can not behave at dinner time, put her in a carrier, other room or outdoors with her dinner, and leave her there until you have finished yours. Ignore the screaming, after a few days, she'll adjust.

I highly recommend the book Pot-Bellied Pig Behavior and Training by Priscilla Valentine. The dvd There's a Pig in the House from is also very good. Both address the major problems house pigs face.

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