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Hello! I have asked a few questions before and I'm full of a lot more:) My little female piglet is now 5 1/2 weeks old. When we got her she instantly decided where she was going to use the bathroom so thats where we put the littler box and she went there without fail for 2 weeks. Now all of a sudden she is using it everywhere, mostly at night when we are asleep or when we are at work. I hate to put her back in the cage because she doesn't care to use it in there and then she is laying in it. How can we work with her to start using the box more?

Also we are weaning her. She has been bottle fed but as far as solid food we have no problem with her eating it, she gobbles it right up. What she wont do is drink her water or milk from a bowl. She will sit there hungry and whining and refuse to drink it. I put her over there, she puts her nose in and thats it. How can I get her to drink? Even when she has ate her solids that bottle is the only thing that satisfies her.

She seems bored with most of the toys we give her, she just wants to play with anything she isn't allowed to ha ha ha. No is our new favorite word. Are there certain toys that they find more entertaining?

Thank you so much for answering my questions. Reading material just doesn't seem as informative because you cant explain to a book your situation and your pigs personality.

Little piglets have to potty often. Like every hour or so. They don't know they have to go until it's almost too late, there's no time to run to a box! So, they pick the closest spot and go. That's why it's important to either keep piggy confined to a small area so piggy can reach the box in time, or take piggy to the potty box frequently. An 8 week old pig needs to potty at least once every hour, and immediately after eating or drinking or waking up. Younger babies need to be taken to the box even more often.

Once piggy is in the box, don't let piggy out until piggy goes potty and at least a few drops come out (a little pig can't hold much pee).

The box should be big enough for piggy to turn around in completely. One side should be cut low so piggy does not have to step up to get in. The floor of the box should be a non-slip surface so piggy doesn't have to worry about falling down while going potty.

If piggy is sleeping in the box in the crate, go back to square one. Remove everything from the crate and wash it. Give piggy a soft, comfortable bed and try a different litter in the box, or even no litter at all, just a non-slip rubber mat. Then put a bit of piggy's poop in the litter box, so piggy knows what it's for.

Piglets enjoy toys that make noise, many enjoy playing with plastic human infant toys. You can find them cheaply at garage sales and thrift stores.

You might enjoy the Yahoo group PigInfoAndChat. There's lots of pig owners and lovers on the list, and questions are welcome.  

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