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Hi I am a new pot belly pig mommy.  I got my first less than a week ago.  He was a barn piglet and is just over a month old.  He has been house broke since day one.  He has had not one accident in the house.  I am oober geeked about that but my concern is this.  My lil piglet (boar)  is grinding his teeth.  He seems to do it more when he is content but not sure.  What could be causing him to grind his teeth.  Also another concern is that while I am walking him he if we get to close to the driveway he picks up pebbles and eats them. Why is he doing this and isn't it dangerous.  He has tons of food in the house by his pillow that he sleeps on.  I make sure he has his pellets and shredded carrots and apples in his dish and gets cheerios as a treat when we come in from outside.

Pigs grind their teeth for many reasons. They may be bored, or tired, or hungry, or smell food, or angry. Pigs have three sets of teeth in their lives, piggy will be growing and loosing teeth until he is almost 2 -1/2 years old. He may be chewing the pebbles because he is getting a new tooth and it hurts, or he may simply be exploring the world.  

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