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Pot Bellied Pigs/Tiny holes in the back of her legs


I have a two year old female who is an indoor/outdoor pig. She goes outside to play, but sleeps inside. A few months ago I noticed she had four scabby pimple looking things on the backside of both front legs. They are in a line. They popped and white hard or quazy stuff comes out. Its never wet or moist. They don't bother her, but it leaves holes where the stuff comes out and they are not going away. I am not sure what it is or how concerened I need to be. They are not getting bigger, just staying the same size. After they pop there is a hole and it's hard around it. What should I do?

Those little bumps are pores. They often get plugged up on outdoor pigs, much like a blackhead on human skin. There really isn't anything to do about them, they just are. They are more noticeable on white pigs, but black pigs have them too, and there are also a couple on the rear legs.

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