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Hello, our neighbours pig has moved in with us.  He has constant bleeding from his penis sheath, also secreting a thick mucous type substance from time to time.  His penis area and scrotum seem to get incredibly swollen at these times.  I spoke to the owners and they told me that he needs to be milked when he bleeds, but the condition is not life threatening.  They also said that they are not prepared to spend money on an operation for him!!  I don't feel comfortable with the diagnosis and was wondering if you could help.  We don't have the money to take him to the vet, but if his life depends on it we will make a plan or call animal services.
many thanks for your time.

This is not normal for any male pig. It is most likely an infection of some sort.

Washing the area with warm, soapy water at least once or twice a day may help a little. But if it doesn't or if the infection is severe, he will need antibiotics.

Pigs have a long, narrow, twisty urethra that is easily blocked by urinary crystals. This is a painful, life threatening situation. If he seems to be straining to pee or poop, he may be blocked.

If he is neutered, once the infection is cleared up then just keeping him clean should prevent a recurrence. But if he is intact there is a big chance it will happen again. Intact pigs are driven to hump, exposing the urinary system to dirt and bacteria, as well as potential injury to the penis. Intact pigs also secrete strong smelling hormones.  

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