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Pot Bellied Pigs/Breeding back a mini pbp after loosing litter


"My question is how soon can I breed my sow after she farrowed (birthed) a litter of 9, one still-born..... At 5 days old she sat on 3 and killed them.... The others I am bottle raising! So how soon can I breed her back? Her milk is almost dried up!"

Sows are fertile for a few days after giving birth. Normally, pigs wean their babies at about 12 - 14 weeks, and that's about when she'll be fertile again.

An important question here is if she should be bred again, in her current environment. Baby piglets require very warm temperatures. If they are chilly they will try to snuggle too close under Momma pig, and are often crushed.

I highly suggest the book Veterinary Care of Pot-Bellied Pigs by Lorrie Boldrick-Blackburn. She has a couple of chapters devoted to pregnancy and infant care

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