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QUESTION: "My question is how soon can I breed my sow after she farrowed (birthed) a litter of 9, one still-born..... At 5 days old she sat on 3 and killed them.... The others I am bottle raising! So how soon can I breed her back? Her milk is almost dried up!"

ANSWER: Hello,
I personally wouldn't breed her back at all.  There are good moms and not so good.
Very likely she will have problems again and her daughters may also have problems with giving birth.


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QUESTION: She is usually good but the last two litters she has sat on some.... I was gonna breed back and hand raise the babies, plus... Even if I hand raise would the females still likely not be good moms theirselves ?  Or is it just time to retired that momma sow? This is her 5-6 littler!

I would suggest that you retire her.  Bottle fed babies can have major attitude issues as they need to be with mom for discipline.  They can be aggressive and not make the best pets.
It is so much better to have the sow nurse her piglets as mother nature intended.

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