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Willie Nelson
Willie Nelson  
My pig Willie Nelson is 5 months old. He is in a kennel at night and when we are gone because he is so destructive. It does not matter how many toys, chewy bones and rawhides he has ( he loves them, super weird) he will shred every book, magazine and piece of paper he can find. He was also climb on furniture to pull things of tables and chew them. He recently destroyed a $1000 music box.
He's totally happy with the bones and treat balls when we're home but the second we're gone he's done with them. We are also having a difficult time keeping him in the kennel, it is the third one and he can open it in 10 seconds. We block the front of it with the coffee table and he's somehow be don't the sides and climbing out. He's 30 pounds I have no idea now.

Any ideas how to get him to quit chewing so we can leave him out all the time? He also oinks constantly. Every 30 seconds. Is that normal?
Thank you

Young piglets have a lot of energy and need to keep busy. It's probably getting very chilly in Iowa now, but if you can set up an outdoor pen for him, or a pen in a shelter such as inside a garage and fill it with straw, it will give him a safe place to use up his piglet energy. He will sleep better in his kennel when he has plenty of exercise time.

Some pigs are noisier than others. Piglets are noisier than older pigs, that's one way Momma pig keeps track of her youngsters.

Pigs have three sets of teeth in their lives, so piggy will be teething for quite a while. Teething is uncomfortable, but should not be painful. The constant chewing might indicate a dental problem of some sort. You can put a little sugar on your finger and try to feel around inside his mouth when he is sleeping. Look for lumps, stuck objects, loose teeth, etc. He may need to see a veterinarian.

Another possibility is that the chewing is a substitute for rooting. All pigs need to root. They get important trace vitamins and minerals by rooting in the dirt. Giving him rooting time outside or in straw inside a shelter will reduce his need to chew.

Young pigs have to potty often, and often do not know they have to go until it is too late. Be sure to take piggy to his potty box at least every 90 minutes. Do not leave him loose in the house while you are not at home, he is too young. He will have accidents, because he will not know he has to go until it's too late for him to reach his potty box. Inside the house, keep him confined to a fairly small area unless you are there to supervise him.  

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