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last night something started our pbp and next thing we know he cant put weight on his right leg.he wont eat or drink. he has been sleeping a lot since it happen and I don't think he is in as much pain as when it there anything I can do to help

When a pig refuses food or drink it's usually a bad sign. Even pigs that are in pain will eat.

Pigs do slip and fall from time to time. A minor injury will be mostly healed in a day or two at most. If piggy goes for more than a day refusing food, he will need to see a vet. The two issues, hurt leg and loss of appetite, may be caused by different, unrelated things.

The treatment for minor injuries is RICE, Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. Usually with pigs, the elevation part is impossible, but all piggys can rest. Some will allow you to apply ice or a cold compress to the injury.  

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