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Pot Bellied Pigs/9 year old pot belly-male will not eat


Our pot normally lives outside but last week he turned his nose from his feed and has not wanted to eat.  We thought it might be due to the cold weather and him not wanting to drink water and getting salt toxicity but he has been in the house now for a week and is still not interested in eating.  I noticed a pussy discharge coming from his penis area so we put him on antibiotics from our vet 2 sulpha tabs in am and 2 in pm and I am trying to get him to lap up ensure plus for nutrients until his appetite comes back but I am failing miserably at getting the meds in him.  I try to squirt it in his mouth with a syringe but that only worked twice, now he puts his head down and it just falls out of his mouth.  I am getting very frustrated as I know without the meds he is going to go down hill.  I bought a turkey baster tonight so I am going to see if I can get them down with that but I don't want to choke him or hurt him...any suggestions, I'm Out of options?  (normal temp-9 year old neutered male-have had him since 5 wks old)   thank you!

It can be difficult to get nutrition and medication into a sick pig. Sometimes crushing the medicine and blending it with something else will work.

One option is to blend the medicine into a milkshake made with Ensure and sour cream. The thicker the shake the better the medicine will blend in, the medicine tends to sink to the bottom in thin shakes.

Most pigs like peanut butter and cream cheese, you might be able to hide his meds in a peanut butter ball. Crush the medicine and blend it in the peanut butter, then roll it in sugar to make a sweet, tempting peanut butter ball. You can add a drop or two of vanilla to make it even more appealing. Once the peanut butter is in the pigs mouth hopefully it will stick!

Good luck with your piggy, I hope he gets well soon.

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