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Do I need a license to have a potbellied pig in Ohio? If so, how do I get one? And last question, where would I get a potbellied pig in Ohio?

Ohio has recently passed statewide laws covering ownership of potentially dangerous exotic animals, like large cats or bears. There are no statewide laws covering ownership of more ordinary animals, including pot-bellied pigs.

Each community in Ohio has it's own rules for pig ownership. Usually if you are in rural zoning there are few restrictions. If you are part of a homeowners association, their rules are just as binding as any legal zoning code. Most people live in places zoned residential, and those areas often have restrictions on the number or types of animals a resident can own.

Contact your local government and request a written copy of the zoning ordinances. There may be a fee for this; it's worth it. What someone says over the phone doesn't count in court, and people have often been given incorrect information over the phone. A written copy of the exact laws can help avoid many problems. Some communities have this information on line, if so, download it and print it out.

Some places to start searching for a pig are

Happy Trails Farm Sanctuary
www.happytrailsfarm.org or https://www.facebook.com/HappyTrailsSanctuary‎

Pig Placement Network
www.pigplacementnetwork.com  look for the pigs available for adoption database

Forgotten Angels Rescue and Education Center
www.farec.org  has a list of rescues and sanctuaries  OR contact info@farec.org and ask about pigs near you

Tammy Harlan is a private rescue
http://facebook.com/tammy.hannharlan or bttymom@aol.com

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