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Pot Bellied Pigs/Pot Belly Pig-about 10weeks-male-wheezing in his sleep


I just got a potbellypig about 2 weeks ago and he is about 10 weeks old now. He wheezing when he gets into a deep sleep. when he first goes to sleep he doesnt wheeze but after about10 mins of sleep he starts to wheeze. He is little for his age(I've been told) and it is really worrying me. THANK YOU!

I am not a veterinarian and can not make a diagnosis over the internet.

Wheezing is not normal for a pig, either asleep or awake. Snoring is perfectly normal, and some pigs snore VERY loudly.

Pneumonia is common in piglets, fluid-filled lungs can cause the wheezing. It also could be an object lodged somewhere in his breathing tract.

I think piggy should see a veterinarian. A vet can listen to piggy breathe, take tests, and provide medicine if necessary. And, if nothing is wrong, you will be able to relax knowing everything is Ok.

There is a list of veterinarians who see pet pigs at

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