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I have a six month old potbellied pig he weighs 11-12lbs, and I was curious to know how big he might get. I bought him from a petting zoo when he was five days old, his mother was obviously older and only up to my knees (I'm quite short, so that's only about 15 or so inches lol) but she was extremely overweight, so much so that I could barely see her eyes and she had fat rolls everywhere (from what I've read online, extra fat causes extra height, so I don't know how tall she may have actually been.) The father was in better condition, and A LOT smaller than she was, but I didn't spend much time looking at him.

I give him a little bit more food than what I probably should, but not by much (maybe about 1/4 of a cup extra once, sometimes twice a day) so he isn't underweight by any means. Is he big or small for his age? Also at this rate how big do you think he may get as an adult?

I can't tell you how big he will gt as that will depend on several factors.
I will tell you that he needs to gain some weight as he is very thin for a PBP.
I would suggest that you purchase the Infinity Plus brand feed and Vit/Mins supplements.
that will ensure that he gets everything he needs.
Be sure to keep him wormed as well.

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