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I have a roughly 5 to 6 month old male, intact pot belly pig. I'm not sure of his past, only that he was bred in Kentucky, sold at an auction in southern Indiana and was bought by a man who kept him in his apartment and fed him puppy food. He had him for a few weeks and then I took him when he was around 8 weeks due to the man not being allowed to keep him.
Everything has been fantastic thus far. Smart, friendly, loves to cuddle and thinks I'm his mommy. He was going to get neutered next month, but now we've run into an issue.

He has been developing long red lines running across his back over the last few days. They are where his skin naturally folds if he stretches out. His back legs are also "going out" or his back hurts from these cuts or whatever they are that his back end goes down. These "cuts" are red but don't seem to be bleeding. They are, however, oozing a pink/clear liquid. He does squeal a bit when this happens. If I touch them, his back end goes down.

He's crated at night/when we are gone in a large plastic dog crate and has free run of our living room while we are home. He eat's Mazuri Mini Pig food with veggies. He's acting completely normal aside from the occasional back end give out and those lines. I've checked his crate and there's nothing sharp in there.

I've attached a picture. What on earth could this be? And should I put something on these? If it doesn't get better or worsens in the next day or so, we'll be going to the vet!

What you are describing and what seems to appear in the picture, is a condition called Dippity Pig. Dippity is a strange condition. It is painful for the pig, the back legs crumple and the pig "dips" to get away from pain. Red or pink open, oozing sores also appear.

Thankfully, Dippity usually goes as fast as it comes. All symptoms should vanish completely within 72 hours of onset. If the problems continue longer than that, the problem might not be dippity, it could be something more serious and piggy will need to see a vet.

Unfortunately, there isn't much that can be done for Dippity, except keeping piggy quiet. Some people use baby aspirin at the rate of 325 mg per 75 lb of pig.

Dippity usually occurs in pigs under age 2, but has been reported in pigs as old as 8 or 10. It happens most often in spring, but can happen at any time of the year. Mild cases seldom recur. Severe cases may recur a year later but be less intense.

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