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My pb is 60cm high and he weighs 150kg, I looked all over the internet for info what is a proper diet for him since I've got him, but everyone tell you something different. He's not so active since he is so fat and can hardly see he responds to my voice. I live in South Africa. Please can u tell my what I can feed him him and how much, I love him so much and don't want him to suffer like this he is still my baby!! I'll stick to any diet that will help him loose all those fat, please I'm desparate! Hope u can help me?!?!

The best food for a pet pig is food made specifically for pot-bellied or mini-pigs. If that is not available, complete horse chow (NOT "sweet" feed) is an acceptable substitute. Regular hog chow is not a good choice for long term health. Look for a food that is low in protein ~14% and low in fat. Look for recognizable ingredients on the label. Avoid foods with added medicine of any sort.

Veggies and plain rolled oats or oatmeal are high fiber foods that can help piggies loose weight.

Start by figuring out what and how much piggy is eating now. Continue to feed him normally but write down every bite of food that he gets for 2 days.

Cut out all treats except training treats that are earned. Then, reduce the amount of pellets he's getting by about 1/3 or so. It's Ok to add some extra plain fresh veggies, like shredded spinach or lettuce, to help piggy feel fuller.

It will take a very long time to take the weight off. It might help to measure out his food in advance. When training, use just a single raisin or carrot slice for a treat.

Trim piggy's hooves so it's easy for piggy to move around. Make sure all the floor surfaces are non-slip, so piggy is not afraid to get more exercise.

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