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I have 2 pbps who are 2 weeks old. I've been feeding them goat's milk with baby cereal and have recently started to give them their solid pig food soaked in milk and they love to eat! the big sister wipes her nose on the little runt and gets milk in her eyes and all over her face. I try to catch her to wipe her down but I'm worried this could be a problem! is it ok if milk gets in her eyes? I now understand after reading everyones questions that we got them from a bad breeder who shouldn't have given them to us so young and I feel really bad about it. I just want them to be ok. I keep my house at a high temp and let them sleep on a heating pad covered in blankets. The other pig started scooting backwards on her butt yesterday and I'm worried about diarrhea. is that what it sounds like or is this normal? I did see poop in their pine shavings but since I've been feeding them those two things I want to know if it's upset her stomach. Also, I usually feed them now every 4/5 hours but when they cry and try to suck on me I give them warm milk with cereal to fill their tummies. Does it sound like I'm doing what I can the right way? I know they have a high mortality rate because of being from their mom. Sorry for all of the questions in one.

Milk or cereal might sting a bit in piggy's eyes but it isn't dangerous. The bigger pig is doing this to be dominant over the other pig. Pigs see the world as a ladder, with each person, pet or pig having their own rung. Higher ranking pigs show their dominance by making lower rank pigs move out of their way, they often do this by sticking their face right into the lower ranking pigs face.

The butt scooting is probably due to itchiness. The most likely cause of that is parasites. I assume the piglets have not been wormed. It's easy to treat adult pigs but because your babies are so small, I recommend contacting a vet for treatment. They may also have mange, mange and worms seem to go hand in hand.

Suddenly switching foods can cause an upset tummy, but a gradual change should be ok. Pigs have pretty sturdy digestive systems.

Yes, for now, let the piglets decide when they need to eat. If they are not showing any signs of tummy aches, it's also Ok to let them eat as much as they want at this age.

Momma pigs generally wean their babies at about 8 weeks. When your babies reach the 6 - 7 week mark, you can start offering them all sorts of other foods. At first they may just taste and spit out, but pretty soon they'll be eating solid food.

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