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Our pig has done a wonderful job of using his litter box and going outside but every time we let him in the house, he still pees on the carpet even after we had it cleaned and spary the spots.  Is there anything we can do to break this aweful habit?

Pigs can unlearn bad habits but it takes some time and effort. Piggy will remember what he has done for a long time, so the retraining must take time.

Clean the accident spot thoroughly with any quality product designed to remove pet odor. If possible, rearrange the space so that the spot is not accessible. For example, put a large heavy recliner chair or potted plant on that spot.

Make sure piggy goes potty before allowing him indoors near the spot. Keep a close eye on him while he is near there. Do not leave him alone near the spot. Do not let him spend longer than an hour near the spot, without a trip to the potty box or outside. Keeping him on a harness and lead when he is near the spot helps, too.

The idea is to keep him so empty he does not have a chance to make another accident there. It will take several months for him to forget about the accidents.  

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