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I was given a little girl pig on Christmas she was born October 30th. I just adopted a boy yesterday from a couple who cant keep him. He was born December 5th. I was planning to get my girl spayed but my vet said I have to wait till she is 6 months old. I am worried she is going to get pregnant in that time. My question is how old does a female have to be to get pregnant? How can I tell when she is in heat so I can keep them apart?

The rule of thumb is that female pigs can usually get pregnant by 6 months. I know many vets prefer to wait until piggy has gone into heat at least once before spaying. But, this really isn't necessary.

Physical signs of heat include redness and swelling under the tail. Behavioral signs include "forgetting" potty training, jumping and humping, and escaping to roam.

Your male is fertile already, and old enough for neutering. It will take 30 days after neutering for him to be completely sterile.

I suggest neutering your male right away. At that time, discuss with your vet the possibility of spaying the female sooner. Or, giving her a "morning after" shot to ensure there will be no pregnancy.  

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