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Pot Bellied Pigs/rescued julianna mix


We have dealt w/potbelly pigs for a little over 24 yrs. First two wererescues & then we bought 2 litter sisters (9wks & 5 lbs. each & we had then for 17 yrs(thru out their life, they held @ 114 lbs.& never any people food) when one died of cancer last May & the remaining one had congestive heart failure but I managed to hepl her for another 5 1/2 mths(end of Oct) before she died.  We waited 6 mths before adopting a wonderful little julianna mix.  We have found out that he was only fed oatmeal for about 3 mths & then was going to be thrown out in the country but someone luckily interceded & got him to a wonderful rescuse person who kept him for about about 5 month & did a great job of bring him back to health, as she does all the assorted varieties of animals that are brought to her.  She & her family are so dediciated to helping any animal.  That being said, We have found out that our little boy doesn't have good muscle development (hock area w/ some luxating in hips moving down into legs &  which I am addressing w/ small doses of selenium.  He is being given a child's multi vitamin & have also added a small amout of apple cider vinegar & plain yorgurt w/ live cutlures in w/ his food morning & evening.  We also found out, as he grew, that he had an old fracture of the shoulder area so was recommended by the vet to put him on osto-bio-flex.  Have seen good results w/ that but he just started shedding again (did a blown coat in Oct thru part of Nov).  Our litter sisters would blow coat 2 times a year & no more so any concerned about this since it hasn't been that long since the last.  Would omega 3 liquid oil help him at all or what would you recommend?  Sincerely - Linda

Some pigs blow their coat on a regular basis like clock work. Other pigs blow their coats at random times in seemingly random ways. Medical treatments, like for worms or mange, can also trigger a blown coat.

I am not a veterinarian and can not make a medical diagnosis over the internet. I strongly suggest consulting with your own veterinarian, and discuss exactly what supplements piggy is getting.

Selenium is an important mineral, but too much selenium can be as dangerous as too little. One of the symptoms of selenium toxicity in swine is hair loss. Please do not panic, remember I am not a vet, only a blood test can say for certain.

My suggestion would be to put piggy on a diet of quality mini-pig pellets, adding supplements with care and caution. osto-bio-flex is a good supplement, so is yogurt with active cultures. The childrens vitamin probably isn't necessary, because piggy is getting other supplements.  

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