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I have a male mini pig who is almost three months old. He is not neutered yet but I am planning on it. He seems to be very aggressive with my four dogs. He will run up and bite their tails or ankles. If they are sitting or laying down he will run and jump on them and bite their necks! It does not seem like he is being sweet and trying to play. My question is this because he is not fixed yet and just a male thing? He does seem like he wants to hump everything in sight. Will he stop being so mean after he is neutered? I have a female who is a month older and has no aggression at all.

Piggy is not intentionally being mean, he's just looking for love. Intact male pigs hump constantly. They foam at the mouth, and tend to pace. They also secrete an odor that female pigs love but humans usually find unpleasant.

The humping and aggression will go away after he is neutered. It usually takes about 30 days for all the hormones to work their way out of the system. The older the pig is, the longer it takes the "boar odor" to go away. Your pig is still a baby, so if you have him neutered in the next week or so that should not be an issue.

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