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Hi, I brought my mini pig home 3 days ago and she stunk  sooooo bad! The breeder let the babies run in the mothers litter box a lot. She was covered in it. Anyway I had to bather her. I had no choice, and all I had was baby wash. Now she is very very itchy. All over, and her ears are really dirty. Her skin is red in spots and she looks uncomfortable. What can I do for her? How do I clean her ears and is there a special shampoo I should use for future reference?
Also her eyes keep draining a brownish color, is this normal?
One last question for now: I have read mixed opinions about salt. Some say free choice salt and others say NO salt at all. Please clear this up as she wants salt very bad.

It sounds like she needs to be wormed with Ivomec wormer.
The red bumps and itching is from mites.  Ivomec will kill inside and outside parasites.
The eye need to be looked at by a VET.  It could be caused by a number of issues.
Absolutely NO salt!!!
Go to the web site and then to their product page.  You will find the best shampoo, feed and Vit/Min supplements and other products also.
When you take her to the VET he can clean her ears for her also.
Hope this helps.

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