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My little girl
My little girl  
Hi :) I have a 6 week old female mini pig, named Olive. She has been eating replacement formula for two weeks now and that's all she seems interested in. I've tried adding a few mini pellets to her milk but she doesn't eat them. Also, she is still very scared around me. She squeals & tries to run off when I first pick her up. Is she still learning her new home/area and possibly to young..? Thanks in advance!

At 6 weeks, she's ready to start eating pellets. Mix the pellets in with the formula until it's muddy, like cream of wheat cereal. Pellets dissolve faster in warm or hot liquid, but let it cool to a safe temperature before feeding. The formula-pellet mush can be blended in a blender. Start with just a small handful of pellets, the result will be a sandy liquid. Gradually add more and more pellets at each meal until the result is a paste. At that point, you can switch from formula to water. Then you can either continue to feed her wet food, which many people prefer to do, or gradually reduce the amount of water until she's eating dry.

Pigs in the wild are never picked up or held - unless a predator has grabbed them to eat! So piglets are naturally afraid of being held and cuddle and need to learn to enjoy it.

Start by sitting next to piggy in a safe, quiet space. Speak softly, let piggy come to you. Try to touch piggy, and always tell piggy what you are going to do before you do it, such as "Touch Piggy Belly".

To teach piggy to be held, all food must come from your hands, or from a dish held in your hands. No eating off the floor. Sit on the floor, let piggy come to you and eat. Try to touch piggy while piggy eats, always telling piggy what you are going to do before you do it. At the next meal, hold the dish closer and let piggy climb in your lap. Gradually start to hug piggy while piggy eats. After a few meals, piggy should be comfortable in your lap. The next step is to kneel while holding piggy and piggy eats, then stand up completely holding piggy while piggy eats.

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