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I have a new little girl PBP who was born on February 24 this year so she isn't even four weeks old yet.   I wasn't supposed to get her till the end of March and the lady calls and says she is pan feeding so I assumed mini pig food then when I get her home I realize she needs milk and not pellets yet.  She eats very well but I am not sure exactly how much milk and how often.  I feed her 3 times a day. She acts happy and looks very healthy with a shiny coat.   When should I start introducing new foods and her pellets?  How much should she sleep?  And one last thing I have tried getting her to use a litter pan but she just roots it up.   She doesn't soil her bedding though.

The Piglet should have been well off of liquid milk and munching on pellets before she was allowed to go home with you.
That being can introduce her to pellets now.
You can free feed her pellets.  Put a little bit of powdered milk over the top of them and just leave them in there with her.  She will start investigating on her own.
As far as litter box should get a larger heavier litter box that she can't tip over.
If you send along a picture of how you have her housed I can help you further.

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