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QUESTION: Hi, I have a mini potbelly pig who will be 3 months here soon.
He was never litter box trained and I didn't think it would be that had. He was the last one picked and was actual gave to me because the woman didn't "have time" to care for him.

He will not use his box at all, he uses the bathroom ALL over my house. When I put him outside I notice he uses out there but as soon as we come back in, he goes in the house as well. He is also starting to bite my 1 year old everytime she walks by him, he runs at her and then bites her. My husband is telling me I need to get rid of him, but I have had several people want a piglet out of him, because I wanted to breed him.

Now I have raised market hogs in the past, which I also had a piglet in my house due to he was crippled and wasn't going to make it much longer. I litter trained him, but I can not get this mini potbelly trained at all. He even uses his Crate to use the bathroom in at night!!

Can you please help me??

ANSWER: Intact pigs, male and female, often have potty training problems. Intact male pigs also ejaculate constantly, which can be confused with urine. Intact males also hump constantly, and may pick a pet or person to "mate" with, in this case, it seems like he has chosen your child.

Having him fixed will automatically fix some of the behavior problems. When he comes home after surgery, it's the ideal time to start fresh with new behaviors. Mini pigs have mini bladders, and can not hold their urine long. They usually don't know they have to go until it's too late to run to the litter box in another room or outside. So, it's important to take piggy to the bathroom every hour or two no matter what. Also take him before and after meals, when he wakes from a nap, and before taking him out of his safe space. The idea is to keep him so empty he doesn't have the urge to make a mistake.

Set up a fairly small space for him to feel safe. A closet, laundry room or bathroom will work. Put his bed, litter box, and water dish there. Keep him in his space unless you are with him. Ideally, keep him on a harness and lead. If he shows any signs of needing to potty, take him right away.

Why do people want babies from your baby? Pigs do not reach their full size until they are almost 5 years old. A pig may have beautiful markings, but that pig's babies may not. Many, many unwanted pigs of all ages are in need of a good home.

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QUESTION: My mini pig is in the bathroom for his safe spot, he goes in there a lot, His crate, litter box, food and water bowls are in there as well.. He doesn't hump my child or anything just bites her feet and everything.

Im not sure why thry want babies from him, maybe because the people know how I am with my animals?

Pigs see the world as a ladder, with each person, pet and pig having his or her own rung. Pigs show dominance in a herd by making lower ranking pigs move. For example, say a low ranking pig is sleeping under a tree, when a high ranking pig comes along. The high ranking pig makes the lower pig get up and leave the comfy spot. The higher pig may or may not take a nap in the comfy spot. The point wasn't to sleep in the comfy spot, it was to make the lower pig move as a sign of submission.

Pigs make each other move by pushing at the feet or face. So when  your pig bites at feet, he's trying to show he's dominant by making your child move. This is usually a big problem with intact males.

I highly recommend the book Pot-Bellied Pig Behavior and Training by Priscilla Valentine. I also highly recommend the dvd There's a Pig in the House by

There's lots of baby pigs looking for homes, there's a data base of pigs seeking homes at and some pigs also on

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