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We have a 3 month old mini pig. She is not spayed yet. She was mostly litter trained, with a few accidents here and there. Recently,  we have  noticed that she is going anywhere and everywhere in her pen. She uses her blankets, her water bowl, anywhere she can. We have put pine shavings in her pan,  and she cape enters them all over. She shreds potty pads and the  nonslip mats we have tried. I am at a loss of what to do. We love her, but she is using the house as her toilet.
(I recieved an email saying someone had perviously answered my question, but I have never asked one before?)

Piglets have to pee often. They can not hold their urine long, and usually donít realize they have to go until itís almost too late. Once they realize they have to go, they have to do it instantly, they can not wait.

Tiny pigs pee only a tiny bit. Usually what happens is the people see the pig pee in the box three or four times a day, not realizing that a baby pigs need to pee every couple of hours. Piglets can need to pee up to 12 times a day.

Because the pig doesnít know he needs to go until itís too late to hold it, and the litter box is too far away to get to in time, the piglet picks a handy spot and drops a quick, little pee. Itís so fast and small the people donít realize it, and think their pig is potty trained.
But, when piggy starts to get bigger, and the pee is bigger and longer, they notice. They think piggy has ďforgottenĒ potty training when, in fact, piggy was actually having accidents all along.

Piggy has become used to her safe area being a mess. So start by cleaning everything, and replacing the bedding. Sprinkle a bit of vanilla on the bedding to discourage her from using it as a potty.

Keep piggy confined in this area unless you are right there with piggy, ideally, with piggy on a harness and lead.

The box must be big enough for piggy to turn around in, have one low side for stepping into, and have a non-slip surface so piggy can safely take the potty position. Take piggy to the box to potty before letting piggy out of the area, before every meal, after waking up from every nap. If piggy is with you, take piggy to the box every 90 minutes or 2 hours. The idea is to keep piggy so empty piggy can not make a mistake.

Pigs learn quickly but unlearn very slowly. Because pottying has already become a problem, piggy will need to stick with this strict potty program until piggy is about a year old. Thatís when piggy will finally be physically able to hold pee for several hours, and hopefully, will have completely relearned good habits.

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