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I bought a pot belly pig at an auction and found out it had mites.  THat whole thing didn't set well so I got rid of her.  I want to know what to do to get rid of these mites on my dogs, we seem to get over itching ourself and then the dogs start in and then we get bitten again.  any help would be greatly appreciated.

Two kinds of mites infest pigs. Both are species specific parasites, in other words, they can not live long unless they are living on a pig. A few wayward mites might leap off the pig to explore, but they will die within a week unless they can get back onto a pig. Eggs will not hatch unless they are laid on a pig.

If your pig is gone, any stray mites will die within days. Swine mites will die unless they are on a pig.

If your home is infested, then the mites are not swine mites. The parasite world is teeming with mites, and many of them are zoonotic, or able to jump from species to species. You mention specifically the dog, that could indicate a canine mite.  

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