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I have a 4 month old mini. For the most part she is an angel. My problem is getting her to use her litter box. She has a very large box that she can fully turn around in. I clean it all the time. She still seems to have accidents. Sometimes I think she does it when she is mad. My question is what steps do I take when she has an accident. Also I am planning on cleaning my carpets. Is a pet odor removal cleaner strong enough or is there one you can suggest?

Pigs rarely go potty out of anger. Instead, they often don't realize they have to go until it's just too late. The litter box is too far away, they've got to go NOW!!

First, she needs to stay in a confined area near her box. This way she has time to make it to the box. Do not give her free roam of the house unsupervised. She will be close to a year old before she is able to hold it for any length of time.

Take her to the box so often she doesn't have a chance to make a mistake. Do not let her be away from it for more than an hour. Take her at key times, like meals, right after naps, and before taking her to another place. Keep her on a harness and lead when taking her out of her confined area, and take her back to her box often.

The box itself should have a non slip surface and one low side so she doesn't feel like she is stepping uphill to go inside.

Unfortunately, I am not a cleaning expert. I believe most name brand cleaners that are labeled for pet urine should work.

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