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Pot Bellied Pigs/runny eyes, loss of hair


Hi Helen,  My neighbor has 3 mini potbellies. They are 10 mnths- 2 yrs old. They stay in kennels and one is outside in a shelter- very chilly, -2 tonite.They feed them Mazuri pellets mixed with crushed corn and soy. All 3 have developed draining, crusty eyes. She changed their diet to horse pellets and Oats.Thinking this will help. What can cause the draining,crusty eyes? Could they have colds? They lay on cement floors, with couple of blankets. The outside pb lays in hay, and he lost his hair only on his black spots and I noticed he has crusty little sores scattered- can the cold weather cause this? Maybe dirty blankets? Thanks Helen.

I am not a veterinarian and can not make a medical diagnosis over the internet.

Most pigs have some eye drainage, it's particularly noticeable on white pigs. The drainage turns to crust as it dries. Fat rolls, misdirected eyelashes, dust and other irritants can make the drainage worse.

The only time diet can help with eye drainage, is when the drainage is due to obesity. Obese pigs often develop fat rolls on their foreheads which can force the eye shut. Loosing weight often makes these fat rolls disappear.

Cold weather usually doesn't cause open sores. I can only make some guesses at what would cause this.

This could be as simple as a strange way of blowing a coat or shedding, and the little sores could be new bristles popping up. If so, they will go away in a day or so as the bristles grow out.

They might also be insect bites, possibly from ants. They may also be an infection, possibly from a mold or fungus, and require veterinary treatment.

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