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Just today our miniature pot belly has been having problems with his back.  He'll be walking around the apartment like any other day, then without warning his back (or hind legs) seem to give out.  He'll try to walk and drag his back end until he can compose himself again.  

On a possible related note, we've noticed a 6 inch patch on his back that is oozing pus and is very sensitive to touch.  

Any advice?

Your pig has Dippity Pig. This is a scary and painful condition that disappears as fast as it starts. Your piggy will be fine in 48 or at most 72 hours.

Dippity is a painful skin condition, that causes welts or sores that often ooze pink. It can happen to pigs of any age, but happens mostly to pigs under age 2. A pig can have Dippity more than once, the first time is usually the worst, subsequent cases are usually much more mild, sometimes lasting less than 12 hours.

It can happen at any time of the year, but happens most often in spring when the weather warms and the sun comes out. It may be connected with sun exposure. Another trigger is severe stress, such as a difficult relocation.

The best treatment is to keep piggy calm and quiet, he will be back to himself in a day or two at most.

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