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Pot Bellied Pigs/my girl licks me non-stop!


Hi Patricia,

My mini pig Ellie is almost 5 months old.  I've had her for about a month now and she was spayed before she even came home to me.  She has adjusted to me beautifully and is completely litter box trained.  She is obsessed with licking me.  My hands, arms, feet and face!  She's on my lap having a licking fit as I type!  Its adorable, but what does it mean?  Sometimes when she licks my hand it feels like she is trying to nurse from my fingers and other times she gives me a little bite.  I'll tell her "no bite!" and she is learning what it means.  I've read through a bunch of these Q&A's and I'm going to say I think she's teething.  She foams at the mouth when she licks and eats and she also grinds her teeth a little bit.  Will this stop eventually?  Is it common?  I can't find anything about licking pigs online.

Also - I have two dogs at home with her.  She usually doesn't seem bothered by them.  Sometimes she licks their feet and sniffs them out but when they walk by her too closely she will snap at them and try to bite them.  How do I make that stop?

Thanks so much for your time!  I really appreciate your help and knowledge as this is my first pet pig :-)


It sounds like there may be a couple of things going on.
She is at the age that she could be cutting teeth. All of the issues you are having are very likely from the pain she is having from the new teeth coming through.
It can make her a bit cranky also and that is why there is a little more aggression than usual.
You can give her baby asprin and that will help with the pain.
Adjust the dosage to her weight.
Something else that might be an issue is her feed.  Some feeds don't have the Proper balance of Carbs and Proteins.  they can have behavioral problems because of this.
If you want a feed that is balanced properly and a great Vit/Min supplement go to and then to their product page.  You will be very happy with the results.
Hope this helps.

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