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Hello, my two year old neutered male pot belly pig has some issues! I've noticed that he gets ingrown hairs a lot on the bottom of his chin/neck... some are red/infected looking while others appear dry/white. If you gently pull on them some of the hair pulls out nearly 1/4the an inch :( he is also starting to shed and lately ive been gently pulling on the loose ones and applying some wound spray the vet gave me for one our dogs. Is there something i can do to remedy this for him? He also has some thick  scaley scab like dry skin on his knees which has always had. I've tried several different lotions and have been rubbing Vaseline on them this winter to no avail.

Over the last year he has been through alot of stress. We lost our home in a house fire, lived 6 months in a small camper, moved into an unfinished basement when it started to snow and now finally in our finished house. He has been moved a lot and his space and routines have just now stabilized. My question is during this whole ordeal I bought and tried several different destressing/calming feeds/supplements and each one of the would cause him to vomit. I followed the dosage recommendations exactly on every product I tired but every one had the same result. Have you ever seen this before? Why would they make him throw up much?

Thanks for your time! I hope you have dome advice to help my little piggy!

All pigs shed, it's called "blowing their coat". There's no hard and fast rules when it comes to blowing a coat, but most do in the spring. Sometimes they blow their whole coat in a day or two and are nearly bald. Other times, the old bristles don't fall out until the new ones are coming in, or they may shed bottom up, or front to back.

Sometimes the new bristles don't pop thru the skin right away, resulting in the lumpy pimples that your pig has on his chin. There really isn't anything to prevent this, but scratching with a backscratcher or similar item helps those bristles pop out.

Pigs often have scaley knees. They kneel when they snurdle or root, so they need tough skin there. You can use any lotion made for people on your pig. Corn Huskers Lotion is inexpensive and available at chain drug stores in the US. It's non greasy and makes piggy's coat nice and shiny.

I am not aware of any over the counter "stress relief" formulas that actually work. I've tried a couple of them, on both the pig and myself, with no noticeable effects on either one of us. I think just spending time with the pig is the best stress relief for both pig and person.  

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