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When we got our eight week old piglet in November we treated her with ivermectin for mange. She had those brown "tracks" on her back.  I also got lots of red bumps and itched like crazy. At that time we gave her two treatments two weeks apart. Everything seemed good for about four weeks and then the tracks came back.   That time around we gave her three doses to make sure we got them all. However it is now about seven weeks later and she is starting to scratch more and the tracks are back and covering more of her back. So my question is is it ok to keep giving her more medicine?  Should I give her more doses? I read online that some people treat their pig for four consecutive weeks. Lastly, is this normal - that they keep coming back?

I know that you are not a vet but I appreciate any advice.


I am not a veterinarian and can not make a medical diagnosis over the internet.

Swine mange mites, called Sarcoptes scabiei, live only on swine. A stray mite or two might jump off, or try to live for awhile on another pet or a person. But, these mites can not survive unless they hop back onto the pig.

The mite eggs take two weeks to hatch. The first treatment kills all living mites. A second treatment, two weeks later, kills any mites that hatched since the first treatment. In severe infestations, a third or fourth treatment may be needed, and treatments may be only one week apart.

If piggy is not responding to mange mite medicine, chances are the culprits are not typical swine mange mites. They may be Demodex phylloides, or hog mites, which are much harder to eradicate. Or, they may be a kind of bird mite. Some bird mites can live on other animals or people, which means more difficult treatment.

The best approach is for a veterinarian to take a skin scraping and study it to determine what kind of bug this is. Once the vet correctly identifies the problem, the vet can prescribe the correct medication.

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