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I treated my pig with ivermectin injectable 1%. I read on several websites that this solution may be given to them in their feed- so that's what i did. I put .2 ml in her breakfast. ( she weighs about 14 pounds) Well it has seemed to make her skin more itchy and now she shakes her head a lot, and try's to scratch her ears. I really need to help her and I'm really grossed out that the ivermectin did not take care of the mites. The pig and my daughter are really close and I am scared my daughter will get the mites. Is there any kind of lotion I can put on her or should I try to bathe her? How often can I treat with the ivermectin? What can I clean her ears out with?
Thanks in advance

Swine mange mites must live on pigs. They can not infest humans, other pets, or stuffed furniture. A few brave, or foolish, mites might jump off a pig to explore other warm bodies, but unless they quickly return to the pig, they will die. Only eggs laid on a pig will hatch. Eggs laid elsewhere will not.

It takes at least two separate doses of medicine to kill the mites. The first dose kills all living mites. The second dose given about two weeks later kills any mites that hatched after the first dose. In severe infestations, more treatments may be needed, and they may be given just one week apart.

It seems wrong, but the first dose of mange medicine often seems to make things worse. The pig gets itchier and big, thick slabs of skin may peel off. It happens because the medicine is working. As the medicine kills the mites under the skin, they die. The dead mites are quite itchy, and the result is an itchy, peeling pig.

You can use any lotion made for people on your pig. Pigs do not like cold lotions or liquids, so warm the lotion first by putting the bottle in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes.

Repeat the medicine treatment two weeks after you gave the first dose. By then, the worst should be over. You can give piggy a third treatment two weeks after that if you like.

Pig have very narrow ear canals and cleaning the ears is difficult. Stick to the outer edges of the outer ear, using a tissue. Do this every day or so, being careful to stay near the outer edges and away from the inner ear. Cleaning the stuff from the edges allows the body to naturally push dirt and junk out. But, cleaning farther down in the ear actually pushes the junk back in and can cause blockages. Ear junk takes time to build up and time to clear up.

So, keep wiping the outer edges of the ears, give piggy mange treatment #2, and in a few weeks piggy will be all fixed up.

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