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Pot Bellied Pigs/nuetering a 200 lb pigger


We have rescued a large male pot bellied pig with all His marbles still intact. The herdsman that is going to neuter this two year old pigger uses vodka to knock the big boys out. Is there any problems with using Vodka to down these piggers ????

This is a dangerous idea.

The amount of vodka you'll need to knock out a pig this size is fatal. Additionally, pot-bellied pigs need extra stitched on the inguinal loop, or their intestines may fall out the incision.

In short, please don't neuter this pig this way.

Please take this pig to a veterinarian. There's a list at  Or, contact the rescues and sanctuaries listed there for help, so he can be neutered by a vet in a safe, pain free way.

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