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I am the proud owner of a Red Juliana mini pig. I have run into a speed bump with him and am trying to ask as many breeders and owners as I can for some input.
In the last week and a half he has begun to eat his poop. I have tried giving him a full room with more toys to treat possible boredom, and increasing his feed incase he is growing more hungry.
He is on a steady all natural diet of oatmeal, milo and fresh fruit and veggies. I have recently stopped giving him the milo incase he is after the seeds. I  might have some progress in the next few days if that is the issue.
I apreciate any light that you may be able to shed on this.

Pigs naturally eat all sorts of foods: seeds, flowers, stems, leaves, roots, shoots, tubers, nuts, berries, fruits and insects.

Pellets formulated for pet or mini pigs is the best food choice. They are fortified with important vitamins and trace minerals and nutrients. Pellets should not be the sole source of nutrition, but they play an important role. Compared to the wide variety of foods a wild pig would be eating, your piglet is getting a very limited range of foods.

I am not a veterinarian and can not make a medical diagnosis over the internet. I can say that pigs, and many other animals, will consume their own excrement when their diet is missing nutrients.  

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