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I have a one and a half year old mini pot belly pig. Tonight when she was getting out of her kennel her hoof got stuck. She became panicked and before we could get her hoof loose, she ripped left front outer 'toe' completely off. The entire bed is gone. She still has her other two toes left though on the same hoof. It bled like crazy. We tried washing it out with hydrogen peroxide but she won't let us put a bandage on it.She's been laying down for about an hour. She's not acting like she's in much pain, but she can't put any weight on it. We don't have a vet anywhere around here, and I'm not sure what to do. Will she be alright? Will her toe grow back? Will she ever be able to walk again?

I am not a veterinarian and can not make a medical diagnosis over the internet.

Is this one of the two main hoof toes, or one of the smaller dew claws higher up on the hoof? Loosing a large toe is much more serious than loosing a dew claw.

If the bed is not badly damaged and kept clean and free of infection, the hoof may gradually, slowly, grow back.

There is a list of veterinarians that see pet pigs at www. If the missing hoof is a larger hoof, I suggest contacting the vet on the list closest to you and arrange to have this injury checked out. Piggy may need antibiotics to prevent a dangerous infection.

Any local vet should be able to check piggy out enough to provide a prescription pain reliever. Baby aspirin, 325 mg per 75 lb of pig, will help a little bit.

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