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our 19 yr. old suffers from what we beleive to be arthritis.  We are now giving him baby aspirins (4 per day) and this is helping some but we are concerned that they are thinning his blood and that is not a good thing.  Can you suggest something that we can try that is safe for him?  Needless to say, he is very important to us and we strive to give him the best life possible.  He has never lacked for love and attention.  Thank you for any help.

A veterinarian can give you a prescription for Rimadyl, which is a NSAID like Advil. Tylenol-type drugs are bad for pigs and not recommended at all.

Large continuous doses of aspirin can inhibit the natural clotting mechanisms, or "thin blood". Cuts and wounds might bleed longer or more profusely. But, unless piggy is facing injury or surgery, this is not a big concern. In fact, this may help prevent heart attacks and clogged arteries, the same way it does in humans.

Sometimes home remedies or nutritional supplements can make a big difference. There's many different kinds of supplements, people give their pigs everything from supplements made for human joint health to supplements made for horses to supplements made specifically for pet pigs.

Environment plays a big factor. Slippery floors are difficult, use carpet runners or non slip rubber mats wherever possible. Provide non slip ramps instead of steps and plenty of warm, soft bedding.

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