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Pot Bellied Pigs/2 week old piglet


I can't get him to take a bottle at all I have had him 48 hours still nothing and I'm using sow replacement formula and he still won't take the bottle. I have wrapped him up in blanket stuck nipple in his mouth he won't suck on it I really need help. Or maybe steps best way to do it

2 weeks is very young to be away from Momma pig. Momma pigs wean their babies at about 8 weeks.

Piggies tend to inhale liquids when they are bottle fed, it's better to feed him from a pan.

Give him a safe, quiet place with a bed. Put a pan with warm (NOT hot) formula or goat milk on the floor, step back, give him space and let him explore it. Sometimes putting a bit of bread in helps.

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